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Zone Diet Plan
Not Recommended

This Zone dieting plan is Bad Psychology because it really depends upon your willpower over many months and years to maintain the continuous calorie deficit upon which this zone dietary program depends. We already know we don't have that much willpower or we would already be slim.
The Zone eating regimen is Bad Psychology because it fails to address the problem of your fat body image. Unless you follow the ideas suggested here, any weight loss program you start such as this zonal dieting plan is likely doomed from the start.

The Zone dietary program is Bad Psychology because it will almost surely result in ultimate failure with subsequent loss of wellbeing. This famous dietary regimen surely will ultimately fail because it does not require some regular mild aerobic exercise so that your metabolism can change.

This Zone eating plan is Bad Psychology because it requires a large amount of effort to make it work; counting this, counting that, measuring and more counting. Unless you are the extremely rare person who likes detailed planning and accounting of what you eat, you will not stick with this difficult eating regimen.

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