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Cave Man High Protein Diet

In the past few years, there have been two dieting plans (Zone and Eat for Your [Blood] Type) that have been influenced by ideas about what we ate when we were cave-men. One premise of these plans has been that our hunter-gatherer cave man bodies, developed genetically over millions of years as cave dwelling hunter-gatherers, have had too little time (only a few thousand years) to adjust genetically to heavy consumption of two agricultural products, namely grains and dairy.

Is this true? Certainly corn, wheat, and dairy are at or near the top of most medical allergy lists. And these are often sneaky addictive allergies which we don't even know about.

An Aside: The only grain that most of us tolerate well is RICE.

I have long advocated testing yourself for addictive food allergies and intolerances. Grains and dairy show up often as poorly tolerated; and they frequently cause significant weight gain, thus one rationale for more meat in our diets. If this is the case with you (it is an unknown fact for millions of us), your extra pounds will remain with you until you stop eating those particular foods.

Is there some truth that the "establishment" (AMA, nutritionists, agriculture, dairy folks) don't want you to hear? They certainly are often horrified by the idea of the Cave Man Diets. Yet the "establishment" folks are precisely the ones who are trying to sell us grains and dairy as well as their expertise about all things nutritional. Let the buyer beware. In my opinion, there are some truths about our lagging cave man genes which they would prefer we overlooked. Find out by do-it-yourself testing whether your personal cave man genes are lagging. Maybe a "cave man diet" is your best choice. Note: I do NOT recommend the HIGH HIGH protein diets like that of Dr. Atkins.

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