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Popular Traps
Including Diet Pills & Fad Diets

There are many traps such as diet pills and fad diets into which folks wanting to lose weight fall. Almost all of the time we sabotage ourselves somehow with our thinking and this page is designed to help you ferret out your own thinking difficulties.

"I watch my weight." The implication here is an underlying belief that I am getting heavy or I am susceptible to being that way. I believe I need the extra vigilance to keep from ballooning. Instead, such concentration on the issue is a likely underlying cause of the problem. (See New Age Weight Loss Ideas (No Diet Pills or Fad Diets).)

Pills or Potions
I believe I need the diet pills/potion to lose the weight. Once the pills are gone, my beliefs then will trigger a weight gain. That which I believe, I tend to get manifest. (See New Age Weight Loss Ideas (No Pills or Fad Diets).)

"I can't seem to do anything about my weight."
This is the helpless/hopeless trap. All our unresolved psychological traumas (almost all of us have a few old traumas/hangups) have at their roots the core feelings of hopelessness and helplessness (See Chapter 10 of my self help book.) Our unconscious minds often help us to recreate these unpopular feelings in our present-day lives as reminders of what we have yet to resolve.

Fat Acceptance
One very popular philosphy for overweight people these days is fat acceptance. Unfortunately, most use this as a permanent excuse not to do anything about their weight. Whenever impulses to do something about their weight arise, they tend to avoid useful impulses by telling themselves they are OK as is. (It is best to avoid fad diets and diet pills.) They are digging deeper fat ruts, too, for they are imprinting in their minds the images of the fat while telling themselves "that is OK." I believe psychologically they are gently, yet effectively, traumatizing themselves by disregarding the body's natural impulses. It is fine, natural and normal to choose to do nothing right now about weight (or any other problem); but the folks on this path often talk in terms of fat acceptance being a permanent solution. I consider that an unfortunate trap.

I Don't Believe In Goals
This idea is most often promulgated by those who have become discouraged by past goal failures. As far as weight is concerned, however, such an idea makes for more of the problem (see New Age Weight Loss Ideas (No Diet Pills or Fad Diets)).

In short, these are very popular traps that help cause most overweight folks to remain overweight.

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