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Anorexic Eaters
Lose Weight Easily

Why do Anorexic Eaters seem to lose weight easily? What are they doing differently from the rest of us who are struggling to lose weight? Note: I am NOT suggesting we follow their methods exactly; they are on an unhealthy track. But they ARE generally successful with weight loss and able to easily lose weight.

Anorexic Eaters generally have strong ideas about desirable and undesirable bodies. What we might call "thin" they would call "too fat, gross, ugly." Their desirable body borders on starvation. But it is these strong mental images and clear goals that many Anorexic Eaters have that can be emulated by the rest of us in healthy ways.

Body Goals: Most of us have no clear body goals. What will your body look like when you reach your final weight-loss goal? That is the image you will be finding in Finding Your "Normal-Weight-You" Image. Having a goal for your body's shape and size is crucial to your weight-loss success. Reminder: the very thin goal is basically unhealthy and should be avoided. Pick a normal-size for your goal.

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