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Following Your Weight Loss Impulses

On these Brainwashing programs, you eat normally for you, paying close attention along the way to 1.behavior patterns you know are not the best 2.possible alternatives to certain foods and 3.possible alternative behavior patterns. Start making a very few changes and see how they go. Your affirmations will PULLLLLL you in the direction of less food, healthier food, different successful paths and increased exercise.

1. Being Sensible: Following impulses does NOT mean gobbling everything in sight or making radical changes in diet or exercise.
2. Major changes in diet or exercise? Consult your physician.

Following Your Impulses
As you proceed with this Brainwashing Diet, then you will need to follow certain impulses that arise as you go along. Your body will probably be telling you to exercise moderately usually by walking (check with your doctor first), or to exercise somewhat more vigorously, or to do some regular stretching exercises (2 minutes a day is fine). Make sure you have read Successful Weight Loss Paths so that you know of the likelihood of usefully testing yourself for food allergies and intolerances as well as impulses towards other actions described there.

Expect a few glitches. When you "forget" to do your affirmations, figure out why you "forgot." Forgetting is a valuable sign that you have a bit of work to do, either psychological growth or a trial of another Successful Weight Loss Path. Most reading these words will NOT want to approach many psychological issues, though they are present for most who are overweight; that is OK- if anorexic eaters can do it, then it is quite possible that you can just do more affirmations to overcome the psychological factors involved for you.

Hunger & Willpower
Our bodies are very sensitive to calorie reduction. As you lose weight, there will be small amounts of hunger, which most likely you can easily overcome by stating your affirmations when "crazy" hunger strikes. If this plan ever requires significant willpower, then go back to Successful Weight Loss Paths. Some changes on your part will likely be required if significant willpower is ever required; pay attention to those impulses!

Please: do not attempt to EVER crash diet. Fast weight loss is not healthy and almost always requires you to regain that weight lost to rebuild healthy tissues.

Food Restrictions? No. But you need to pay attention to impulses that arise. The affirmations will give you the opportunity to make newer heathier choices.

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