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Week 2. Select one eating behavior you wish to change NOW or the one path you wish to take NOW and add that to your first week's affirmation: "I notice my eating behaviors, particularly my candy-eating." Or- "I notice my eating behaviors, and I walk briskly 3X a week 10 minutes each time." Keep this new VIP affirmation for at least three weeks or until you decide to change this goal. If and only if it feels right during this second week, continue making a few easy choices to eat less and/or exercise more.

Affirmations Getting Stale after several weeks? This is normal. Vary them, but usually keep the same end goals; i.e. if "I love my body" is getting stale, then you might substitute "I love my sexy body" (picturing yourself at your final goal weight).

Week 3. Has Week2's affirmation been easy? If so, then add another VIP affirmation or you might for the first time add 5-10 lesser affirmations, ones that you voice 10X twice daily. If Week2 has been difficult, wait a week or two or three before adding anything more. If and only if it feels right during this third week, (and succeeding weeks) continue making a few easy choices to eat less and/or exercise more. Your current affirmation(s) will lead you to the most effective choices for YOU.

Weeks 4+. Continue as in Week 3. Eventually you will reach your final goal weight, though it make take you 6 months or even 6 years.

Ways to Improve Your Chances for Weight Loss
The most effective way to improve your chances is to increase your abilities to process the issues that arise. Use all the self help tools you know and use them often: things such as journaling, focusing, dream recall/dramatizing, etc. Support groups often work well as does therapy. [If in therapy, ask your therapist if it's OK to voice the affirmation "I weigh ___ pounds" (your goal weight) 400-500 times in the 24 hours before every session; then let the session happen as it needs to, perhaps without any talk of weight loss. This will make your therapy LEAN in the direction of resolving your weight loss issues.]

Reminder- when your glitches arise (and they will) it is helpful to ALREADY have read all the below pages. You will be less likely to throw in the towel at your first speed bump.

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