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Be prepared to make changes: in the foods you select, in your food quantities, in increasing your awareness of your food behaviors, in your exercising, and in your psychological responses. If you are able to successfully make these changes, this program will work.

Understand that it usually takes about three weeks for a behavior change to really get adopted by your body/mind. Therefore, affirmations that concern a particular behavior must be spoken for three weeks minimum. If the behavior changes you are trying to make are small ones, two VIP affirmations that you voice 400-500X daily each will be OK. If, however, you are currently tackling a bigger change such as getting rid of dairy from your dairy-laden diet ("I notice my eating behaviors, especially dairy."), then reduce the load to one VIP affirmation.

The Program Itself:
Week 1. Just use the VIP affirmation (400-500X daily) "I notice my eating behaviors." You will get all sorts of ideas come to mind during this week about the ways you use food, your patterns, your food impulses. Pay attention to them all. If and only if it feels right, then start making a few easy choices to eat less. Do not make too many small changes- a few is enough. The goal this week is NOT to lose weight but just to pay attention to that which you have been blind. Did you "forget" your affirmations one day? If so, you are resisting and will need to make a more concerted effort with your affirmations, reduce your number of small behavior changes, or drop for now the idea of weight loss. Dropping it is no big deal- either the timing is wrong for you or the program itself is not OK for you.

Reminder: You really need to know about the speed bumps ahead, the ins and outs of affirmations, why diets fail, etc- in short the contents of ALL the links on this site- more than 30 pages the last time I counted. Read them all before you start this program. Otherwise you will be tempted to quit at the first speed bump, claiming "this program doesn't work."

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