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Brainwashing Lite
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The purpose of this Brainwashing Lite version is to go slower; this reduces the level of psychological stress during weight loss. This is necessary for millions because psychological weight issues often just cannot be resolved as rapidly as the regular Brainwashing Weight Loss Program (or most other weight loss programs) will cause them to appear. If such issues are not resolved or worked around, then you are on another diet that will ultimately fail. So this is a more tortoise-like approach. By all means try the faster approach, but if it does not work, be prepared for a switch to this Brainwashing Lite program.

Brainwashing Lite Affirmations: NEVER use the end result affirmations that the faster program uses: (i.e. "My goal weight is ____ pounds." Or "My goal waist size is ____ inches.") Instead, use process affirmations and/or short-term-goal affirmations. Process affirmations: "I notice my food behaviors. I savor each mouthful at lunch." Short-term-goal affirmations: "I have 5 servings of fruits and vegetable a day. I drink a glass of water before each meal. I test myself for food allergies and intolerances. I get 10 minutes of aerobic exercise 3X a week."

Note: You MUST read these three affirmation pages, which explain how such affirmations work and what can make them fail. It is important to understand that affirmations PUSH you along, PUSH you to make some changes, PUSH you to give up old behaviors, etc. To maximize your chances of success, please also read all these manifesting pages. Manifesting weight loss is only slightly different from manifesting anything else.

Affirmations which will attract slenderness to you: "I notice my eating behaviors. I love being slender. My slender body is sexually attractive. At dinner I savor each mouthful. I eat when I am hungry. There is always plenty of food available. I pay attention to the tastes and textures of my foods. I pay attention to the types of foods I eat. I have tested myself for addictive food allergies. Exercise helps make me slender." When looking at a slender photo of yourself/someone-else: "That's what I look like. That's who I am. That's me!"

Get your fantasies going! Develop very specific fantasies about all the ways you intend to enjoy your new slender body. New clothes? Plan your shopping now, pretend trying them on, including that sexy swimsuit. How about your enjoyment of your vigorous body? Dancing? Great sex? Running? Swimming? Long Hikes? Remember: you get what you concentrate on- if you have no fantasies going, then you are not concentrating that much, and weight loss is much less likely to manifest for you or will take much longer.

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