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Finding Your "Normal-
Weight-You" Image

The whole purpose of this page is to help you find an image or photograph (doctored is fine) that shows you at a normal weight. This may be an old photo of yourself, a head shot of you pasted on top of a normal-sized body, or an image in your mind of how slender you look.
Choice 1. If you are within 20 pounds of your final desired weight AND your extra pounds are concentrated in your belly, then suck in your gut as far as possible in front of a mirror; and look closely at that reflection. That reflection is the image you are looking for. If you have difficulty recalling images later, then take a photo of you with your sucked-in gut; that becomes your "normal-weight-you" image.

Choice 2. If the above paragraph does not apply, then the next preferred choice is to find an old photo in which you were at a normal weight. If the face is far too young, then paste a face photo of you today over the face on that normal-looking body. That photo (perhaps with current headshot pasted in) becomes your "normal weight-you" image.

Choice 3. Take any photograph of a normal sized body of the same sex as yourself. Paste that body so it is below a current head shot of yourself. This composite photo of your head with a normal sized body becomes your "normal-weight-you" image.

You now have your "normal-weight-you" image (it may be an image or a photograph as described above). Use this often and frequently in your affirmations: "That's me! That's what I look like now! That's my slender body!"

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