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Weight Loss Success Tip -
Flavor Instead of Fat

The following excerpt is from the self help
psychology book, Be Your Own Therapist.

An ingrained habit pattern in this culture is the widespread consumption of too much fat. Yet when we attempt to reduce the fat, we often don't feel satisfied with the food consumed. To feel satisfied with reduced fat items, it is helpful to replace the fat with flavor.

One vital ingredient in most successful weight loss programs is the image in your mind of a slimmer you.

If I use nothing on my green beans, I may feel deprived and unsatisfied. If I substitute garlic salt and lemon juice instead of butter, I feel satisfied "because the beans are interesting."

Setting up your own flavor substitution goals could be productive. For example, if you like the combination of garlic and onion, you might set up a goal of having garlic powder and onion flakes on three vegetables during the next week. Vary this in the following weeks to include: other spices, lemon juice, low-salt soy sauce, poppy seeds, salsa or other new-to-you flavors.

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