ABC's  of Weight Loss Psychology
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ABCs of Weight Loss Psychology
Successful Weight Loss Paths

Most paths on this page are likely to be necessary for you to achieve weight loss success. Rarely will just one or two paths suffice. Most diets do not result in permanent weight loss. It is recommended that you read this site's pages a few at a time and return to follow more links for the first week you are trying either Brainwashing plan. Careful reading and SELF QUESTIONING are required or else you are likely to just pass these pages off as "I know that already." Where you disagree with ANY of the ideas can show you where your personal growth paths might best be.

Path #1: Most folks seek quick fixes to problems with weight. Quick fixes almost invariably fail in the long run. Be prepared for the long haul. Keep returning to this site over the next few months.

Path #2: Brainwashing Weight Loss Programs
The only dieting methods I recommend. Free and online.

Path #3: Most people avoid facing their emotional responses. Such responses are at the root of most difficulties with weight. Test your own responses with this free online emotions IQ quiz.

Path #4: Few are aware of how much their THINKING can affect their weight. Unhappy stressful thinking causes millions to overeat regularly. Test your thinking with this thinking quiz.

Path #5: Most are unaware of how their spiritual beliefs can impact their daily stress levels. Added stress causes extra eating for most overweight people. Try now this Spirituality Quiz.

One vital ingredient in most successful weight loss programs is the image in your mind of a slimmer you.

Path #6: Most are unaware that food allergies or intolerances can easily cause weight difficulties. Most people are NOT aware of their own food allergies/intolerances. Have you tested yourself for food allergies/intolerances?

Path #7: In most cases, changing food preferences will be required before unwanted pounds can melt away. Few realize that changing food likes and dislikes is not that difficult. Two book excerpts can help here.... 1.....and 2

Path #8: Regular at-least-moderately-aerobic exercise is absolutely required. Without such vigor, weight reduction efforts will most likely be futile. Start your moderate exercise ASAP after checking with your physician.

Path #9: Overeaters' Anonymous usually helps. Often such support groups are essential for success. Yes, such groups are not perfect, but what group ever is? Try it for at least three months before deciding that it is "wrong" for you. It may just be your psychological defenses which are feeling threatened by OA and make it seem "wrong."

Path #10: Visit EVERY link on this page, not today but soon.

Other Paths: Many find therapy useful and it is essential for some. Pills seem only to work temporarily. YOUR PATH may take you elsewhere. The unhappy current truth: a final svelte figure is achieved by only a small percentage. My opinion is that the Brainwashing Programs have the best chance of success for most people.

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ABC's  of Weight Loss Psychology
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Unwanted Weight Loss Truth

So many of our difficulties, particularly those with losing weight, have strong deep roots in our childhoods. These unhealthy roots often take many years to dig up and let go of. Permanent weight loss usually only comes AFTER much psychological growth and is usually one of the LAST psychological issues to be resolved. Therefore, a longterm CONSISTENT looking at one's psychological issues is important. Why not incorporate the below self help quotes as a useful part of YOUR longterm program to achieve permanent weight loss without diet pills or other not-so-useful programs?
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