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Dieting Impulses Lead To Weight Loss Blind Alleys

The following excerpt is from the self help
psychology book, Be Your Own Therapist.

Being overweight is usually a particularly difficult problem to overcome, because its causes are typically complex. Known causes include the physical, the biochemical, emotional difficulties and ingrained habit patterns. The typical first impulse of those attempting to solve a weight problem is to start a diet, the newer the diet the better. This almost never works permanently. While weight is usually able to be removed by dieting, it rarely stays off, because its causes have not been eliminated.

Why the following are NOT recommended: Dr Atkins Diet, Mayo Clinic Diet Plan, High Protein Diet (Adkins), Cabbage Soup Diet, Grapefruit Diet, Zone Diet Plan, Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan

Instead of dieting, your most productive first impulse might be to examine your fitness. If your triathlon is a stroll from the couch to the cupboard to the refrigerator and back, any diet you attempt that excludes exercise will probably fail.* You probably skipped over the earlier chapter on how to obtain a reasonable level of fitness. Can I convince you to go back and read it carefully? It really is not a physical fitness regimen devised by your sadistic old high school gym coach. Please! I am not talking hours and hours of drudgery at a sweaty health club, rather a total of about thirty minutes a week. Please do read and understand the fitness section in Chapter 5. It is worth reading!

If the speed of your metabolism rivals that of a slow lumbering elephant, then your shape will also likely resemble the elephant. You can change your metabolism with a moderate amount of exercise. There is today wide agreement among weight control experts that Covert Bailey expressed an important truth about the choice facing overweight people when he titled his book Fit Or Fat. Without the choice of a moderate level of fitness, continued fatness is almost a sure thing for those who are overweight.

Gratefulness Exercise. This will be most effective if read aloud. I am grateful for the food I eat, its taste, its texture, its variety and its temperature. I appreciate that I have food. I particularly appreciate the existence of the following foods:________(Fill your own blanks). A reminder- people who often feel appreciative or grateful are happier than most.

The emptiness in our lives today causes billions of our unwanted pounds. If I am not giving or receiving enough emotional love, I am likely to try to compensate for love-emptiness with food-fullness. Similarly, I am likely to try to compensate for lack of human touch or sex by trying to make myself feel better through food intake. If love, sex or touch is missing from your life, what are your plans for changing the situation? Your excess weight will probably be difficult to lose without enough love, sex and touch in your life.

Did you also skip over the last chapter on allergies? Many food allergies are not obvious. They stress our bodies without our awareness and we tend to become addicted to (i.e., wolf down frequently) precisely those foods to which we are allergic. If you have unknown addictive food allergies, it is a significant possibility that no diet will work. Nor will any other means of losing weight work, other than removing from your diet the foods to which you are allergic. Discovering your own food allergies could well produce significant weight loss for you with essentially no ongoing effort other than to avoid foods to which you are allergic. Doesn't that sound heavenly? You might want to read Appendix D to learn how this author lost weight and thigh-inches permanently in a very short time (days!). Lost weight and thigh-inches might be a permanent part of your future too, if you discover and eliminate foods to which you have an addictive allergy.

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Unwanted Weight Loss Truth

So many of our difficulties, particularly those with losing weight, have strong deep roots in our childhoods. These unhealthy roots often take many years to dig up and let go of. Permanent weight loss usually only comes AFTER much psychological growth and is usually one of the LAST psychological issues to be resolved. Therefore, a longterm CONSISTENT looking at one's psychological issues is important. Why not incorporate the below self help quotes as a useful part of YOUR longterm program to achieve permanent weight loss without diet pills or other not-so-useful programs?
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