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Lady MacBeth's Diet
Was Doomed

The following excerpt is from the self help
psychology book, Be Your Own Therapist.

You remember studying about Lady MacBeth when you were in high school. She was the one who shouted something along the lines of "Out, damned fat! Out!" Her diet failed because of that statement. Lady Macbeth emphasized what she did not want, the terrible looks of the fat, also her repulsion and revulsion. She displayed the worst type of self-talk. Imitating Lady MacBeth's self-talk about her problem will dig deeper ruts and cause added unhappiness, whether the problem is damned fat or a damned spot.

Instead, it is vital that you envision the positive goal or result. A mental image of a slimmer you will help you achieve the goal of slimness. Post a picture of yourself when you were much lighter. As you go by it several times during the day, pretend you are at that weight for a few seconds. If you have never been significantly lower in fatness than you are now, go find a photo of yourself. Cut your head from this photo and paste it on some magazine photo so that a body of reasonable (not skinny) proportions is below your head. Similarly, post this composite photo and pretend this is you several times daily as you walk by it. Practicing a mental image of yourself at your goal weight several times a day is highly desirable (NOT with Lady Macbeth's attitude). You can strengthen your imaging capabilities by practicing images from Creative Imagery (sample on page 18).

One vital ingredient in most successful weight loss programs is the image in your mind of a slimmer you.

This pretending or image-practicing is a common ingredient of successful weight loss programs. Do not follow this pretending with negative self-talk (like Lady MacBeth's). If you do find yourself concentrating on the negative (rolls of flab, anger at self, what a lousy person I am, how weak I am, etc.) try to deliberately change your mental focus. Change it away from the negative to pretending you are the person in that composite photo. This process of pretending or image-practicing will often elicit your internal growth impulses. These impulses will help point you along your road. The road immediately ahead for you may be reading about nutrition, joining a support group, trying the Add-A-Carrot diet, reducing negative self-talk, getting some therapy or whatever seems appropriate for you now. If you care about success, then follow only one (sometimes two are OK) of the above roads at a time. A grand program following many roads simultaneously will most likely fail.

Lady MacBeth doomed herself to failure. Without pretending or image-practicing (either works well) described earlier, your weight loss program is most likely also doomed.*

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