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Brainwashing Quik
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This is the more demanding Brainwashing Quik program. The affirmations used in this relatively faster program can cause a bunch of your psychological issues to quickly come to the forefront. Therefore, this program is NOT suitable for those of you who have more than a few psychological weight issues; i.e. you had/have weight difficulties while growing up, an eating disorder, or obesity. If you do try it anyway despite this warning, be prepared for a later switch to Brainwashing Lite.

Be prepared to make a number of small changes: in the types of foods you select, in the quantities of food you eat, in increasing your awareness of your food behaviors, in your exercising, and in your psychological responses. If you are able to successfully make these small changes (and the affirmations will PUSH you to try), this program will work. You should have read all the pages here on this site before you begin so that when YOUR next glitch arises (and it will), you are able to make some sensible choices to overcome or detour around that glitch. Do not make too many small changes too fast- a few is enough.

Expect some psychological issues to arise concerning weight- there will be a mini-psych-war between your old beliefs and your new affirmations. Hopefully you will be able to work your way through or around those old inhibiting beliefs; if you can't, then the manifesting process will probably stop.

Affirmations which will tend to attract slenderness to you: "I weigh ____ pounds. I notice my eating behaviors. I love being slender. My slender body is sexually attractive. At dinner I savor each mouthful. I eat when I am hungry. There is always plenty of food available. I pay attention to the tastes and textures of my foods. I pay attention to the types of foods I eat. I have tested myself for addictive food allergies. Exercise helps make me slender." When looking at a slender photo of yourself/someone-else: "That's what I look like. That's who I am. That's me!"

Note: You MUST read these three affirmation pages, which explain how such affirmations work and what can make them fail. It is important to understand that affirmations PUSH you along, PUSH you to make some changes, PUSH you to give up old behaviors, etc. To maximize your chances of success, please also read all these manifesting pages. Manifesting weight loss is only slightly different from manifesting anything else.

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