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Very very simply- these two permanent weight loss diet programs, Brainwashing Quik and Brainwashing Lite, require you to state affirmations 400-500 times a day. Such affirming statements might be the challenging "I weigh ____pounds" (insert your goal weight) or the less demanding "I notice my food behaviors." Before you start saying such affirmations 400-500X daily, please read ALL pages on this site, because such weight loss statements (affirmations) can be tricky, easily misunderstood, and/or poorly used.

These two diet programs are totally free and online. These programs require nothing but that you be willing and able to change yourself as issues arise for you, which is often a challenging task indeed. Expect to lose perhaps one-half to one and one-half pounds a week, no more. Will these programs require willpower? A little. Will it ALL go smoothly? Probably not, because everyone losing weight must change a few diet behaviors. And we do cling to our old behaviors!

How and why do these "brainwashing" programs work? They work because you are self-hypnotizing yourself with the excessive repetition (400-500X daily). If you just spoke them a few times a day, the part of you that recognizes the falsehood would cynically respond "yeah right". This self-hypnosis (or you might call it heavy advertising or brainwashing or overpowering) is absolutely essential for the process to take hold. Once you repeat an affirmation hundreds of times, there is a small part of you that starts to say "perhaps"- it is this shadow of doubt that will allow in new diet experiences and new diet behaviors. Suddenly when confronted with a food item, you make a different diet choice or realize for the first time that there is a different choice available for you.

Know this first of all: it is YOUR ideas and beliefs about being overweight that are keeping slenderness away from you. You must change them.

Pick Which Program Is Best For You. Weight loss is especially difficult for those who had weight difficulties as children/adolescents. Of the two affirmation diet programs discussed here, the more demanding one which is only relatively quick, called Brainwashing Quik, is NOT suitable for you if you had weight difficulties during your growing up years. Nor is it suitable for you if you have an eating disorder or are more than about 40 pounds over your ideal weight. Why is it not suitable? Because in the process of losing weight, your psychological weight issues (which require time to process) will be triggered strongly by the more demanding affirmations. These issues cannot be hurried beyond your capabilities for processing them. The less demanding affirmation program is called Brainwashing Lite and will not trigger your psychological stuff as rapidly.

VIP Affirmations- affirmed 400-500X daily
Lesser Affirmations - affirmed 10X twice daily

Please understand the necessity for soon following ALL the links below. They contain necessary learning for helping you turn your glitches (you will encounter some, perhaps many) into speed bumps rather than full program crashes. If you have not read all this site's weight loss and diet pages, you will likely be floundering much longer than necessary when your next glitch arises.

So- now you are at a fork in the road: on to Brainwashing Quik or Brainwashing Lite?

Brainwashing Quik
Brainwashing Lite

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