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Dr Atkins Diet -
Not Recommended

Dr Atkins diet is Bad Psychology because it fails to address the problem of your fat body image. Unless you follow the ideas suggested here, any weight loss program you start such as is likely doomed from the start.

Dr Atkins diet is Bad Psychology because it will almost surely result in ultimate failure with subsequent loss of wellbeing. Dr Atkins diet surely will ultimately fail because it does not require some regular mild aerobic exercise so that your metabolism can change.

Dr Atkins diet plan is Bad Psychology because it requires you to give up FOREVER and FOREVER such treats as chocolate cake, spaghetti, french fries, pancakes, apple pie, mashed potatoes. You are a rare person indeed who can give all of these up forever. Even Dr Atkins admits that if you go off the diet, your weight will come back.

Dr Atkins diet is Bad Nutrition. Heart Disease!!!! Why has Dr Atkins never published studies about this diet's followers and their levels of heart disease? The saturated fat in this diet is probably a killer if the diet is maintained for years. The brainwashing pages below ARE recommended.

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Book Excerpts
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ABC's  of Weight Loss Psychology
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Why the following are NOT recommended: Dr Atkins Diet, Mayo Clinic Diet Plan, High Protein Diet (Adkins), Cabbage Soup Diet, Grapefruit Diet, Zone Diet Plan, Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan